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Develop a platform to allow the DCTF team to publish and manage organized content and user-engaging features. Design a user-friendly layout to allow users to personalize their experience, read on the go, and DCTF to the digital world.


Feature ideation and strategy, UI/UX design, Custom Content Management, Response Web Design, Frontend Performance Optimizations, Database Design and Architecture


For nearly 60 years, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football (DCTF) has been “the bible” to millions of football fans across the Lone Star State. The annual summer edition of the magazine remains a rite of passage for all Texans, previewing every football team in the state — from the the rabid world of Texas high school football, through the college ranks, and into the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans.

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Select Interactive has taken a very deliberative, consultative approach to building us a set of tools that has already doubled our revenue in this space within 12 months. They bring fresh ideas and listen to our feedback. The result is a fantastic, customized solution that we think will fuel our growth for years to come.

Adam HochfelderPresident

Dynamic Team Pages

Every high school and college team in Texas has a page dedicated to them. With data powered by the DCTF team, 3rd party API integrations, twitter feeds, and more, fans are able to find the latest information for their team in one place.

Online Store and Premium Content with Subscriptions

In the digital space, DCTF no longer has to worry about page space for articles and information. With an unlimited digital canvas, DCTF can now offer content in a variety of ways including premium content such as podcasts, game predictions, more in depth team coverage, and more through online subscriptions.