About Us

At Select Interactive our goal is to bring expert software engineering to the web. We create custom websites and web apps from the ground up, which are designed and developed for the specific needs of each project. We do not use platforms like WordPress and Squarespace. We specialize in working with the data behind the scenes that drive content and bring applications to life.

All of our work is done in house, by our team below. No outsourcing to overseas teams or contract developers. You work directly with the project leads and developers at Select Interactive.

Jeremy Burton / Select Interactive

Jeremy Burton

Partner, Lead Developer

Jeremy Burton is a Co-founder and Partner of Select Interactive. He leads our development strategies and technology direction, all while overseeing client project implementation

With over 18 years of programming experience, Jeremy specializes in front-end web development and is particularly skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He also has a strong background in database implementation and design.

Jeremy has participated in a number of conferences including the Chrome Dev Summit in (2015, 2014, 2013), Edge Conf (2014, 2013), SXSWi (2013, 2012) in Austin, TX, HTML5TX 2013 in Austin, TX., and jQuery Conference 2012 in San Francisco, CA.

Aside from leading Select Interactive, Jeremy is a Co-Founder and CTO of Vicarious, a live streaming app startup working with non-profits.

Dan Harris / Select Interactive

Dan Harris

Partner, Software Engineer

Bringing over 35 years of programming experience to the team, Dan provides creative, proven ideas to solve challenging project needs. Dan has developed software solutions for a wide range of industries, including real estate, horticulture, advertising, and merchandising.

With a very strong database background, Dan has proven to consistently offer innovative, successful solutions to database infrastructures and architecture.

In 1995 Dan Harris founded SohoPros, Inc. as a computer technical support firm. Over the years SohoPros grew to offer a variety of services to their small business clients. Internet Access, Custom Programming, Web/Email Hosting and Web Site Development became the primary services provided. To meet the evolving demands of their clients, SohoPros began to focus more on custom web site development.

2019 - Jeremy Burton was 1 of 250 developers world-wide invited to attend the Chrome Dev Summit at Google in Mountainview, CA.

2019 - 2018 - Awarded the Awwwards Mobile Excellence awards for Texas AirSystems, Dallas Art Fair, Strait Capital, and Caliber Capital.

2018 - Recipient of the GD USA American Web Design Award for Rattikin Title, Dallas Art Fair, Rogers O'Brien, Noro Management, and Strait Capital.

2017 - Recipient of the GD USA American Web Design Award for 7 projects - Stanton LLP, Banner Oak Capital Partners, Thanksgiving Tower, Hudson Peters Commercial, The Rios Group, Progressive Wellness, and for our very own Select Interactive website version 4!

2015 - Both Jeremy and Dan were 2 of 200 developers world-wide invited to attend the Chrome Dev Summit held at Google in Mountainview, CA.

2015 - Recipient of the W3 Web Creativity Award for Nimble Design Co. and IP DFW.

2015 - Recipient of the GD USA American Web Design Award for 4 projects - Nimble Design Co., Slant Partners, Fritsche Anderson, and 1776 Peachtree.

2014 - Jeremy Burton is 1 of 200 developers world-wide invited to participate in Edge Conf 2014 in San Francisco. Topics for discussion include layout performance, web security, image formats, package management, and more.

2014 - Recipient of the GD USA American Web Design Award.

2013 - Jeremy Burton was 1 of 200 developers world-wide selected to attend Edge Conf 2013 to discuss advanced, cutting-edge web technologies.

At Select Interactive we love to work with interns and other developers in the industry to teach and discuss the ever changing web development technologies. With a small team, all of our developers are exposed to every aspect of the development process - design implementation, frontend development (heavily javascript related), UI/UX testing, server configuation, database design & architecture, webservice/API development, responsive web design, and the list goes on and on. This gives our team members the chance to handle the challenges in all phases of web development and gain the fundamental knowledge and expertise required.

Each year we look to bring in a handful of interns to introduce them to the tools, technologies, development strategies, and web best practices to push them forward in their young careers.

Read a post from one of our previous interns to gain some insight.